Copeland MP Trudy Harrison has described the current Brexit situation as being "torn between a pig's ear, a dog's dinner" or a cat's bottom.

On Tuesday night, Mrs Harrison voted for Theresa May's Brexit deal and last night voted against taking no deal permanently off the table.

Speaking to the BBC, Mrs Harrison said: "We were just discussing in my office, actually, how we would describe the current situation."

She added that "using good old Cumbrian terminology, we were really torn between whether it's a pig's ear, a dog's dinner" or a cat's bottom.

When asked what she meant by that statement, Mrs Harrison said: "What I mean by that is where do we go next?

"So I voted for the deal last night. I'm not relishing a no deal but I won't be taking it off the table tonight. I really hope that colleagues can get together.

"We all want the same thing. We want a successful UK.

"The country voted out and that's what we should do but we should do so in a way that also delivers the successful United Kingdom that we all want."

Today's vote is whether to extend Article 50 - postponing Brexit pending further agreement with the EU.