An award-winning accountancy firm has produced a guide to help firms get to grips with Brexit.

Lamont Pridmore, which has offices across Cumbria, says the ongoing uncertainty around the future of Brexit is having a significant effect on the ability of Cumbrian businesses to plan ahead, which could have a knock-on effect on the local economy.

It feels that businesses should be prepared for a potential no deal Brexit and believes that by taking steps now they could reduce the potential damage caused if the UK drops out of the EU without a withdrawal agreement.

To assist businesses in the region, it has put together a useful guide that covers some of the preparations that companies of all types can take to reduce the stress of a no deal Brexit.

The firm’s eight-page guide is packed with important information about the various impacts that leaving the EU without an agreement could have on a business and covers the implications for VAT, requirements for importing and exporting goods and the need for future scenario planning ahead of March 29.

Graham Lamont, chief executive of Lamont Pridmore, said: “Regardless of your own personal politics, it seems clear that the current levels of uncertainty surrounding Brexit is having an impact on businesses ability to plan ahead and invest.

“With the prospect of a no deal Brexit, businesses need to have a plan and be prepared to implement it, so that whatever happens they can continue trading to the best of their ability.”

Chris Lamont, a partner at Lamont Pridmore who heads up the Brexit team, added: “We are also opening our door to owners and shareholders if they are unsure of what direction to take in future.”

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