MAGISTRATES granted a holiday to a woman who was subject to a court order.

Emma Louise Lavery, of Watermans Walk Carlisle, applied to North and West Cumbria Magistrates Court asking them to relieve her of a curfew for 10 days to go on holiday to Scarborough, a trip which was booked prior to her sentencing earlier this month.

The 38-year-old used to be in the Navy and said the holiday was paid for by the Royal British Legion.

A mum-of-five, she also asked that the boundary of her tag be increased so she could go to her garage on an evening to access her tumble dryer.

She became subject to a court order on February 4 after she failed to provide a specimen to police.

As part of the order she was given a 20 week curfew, whereby she must remain at her home address between 8pm and 6am everyday.

The lead magistrate said: "Because you booked your holiday before you received your sentence we will let you take the holiday but the 10 nights you are not here will be added onto the end."

They also agreed that the tag boundary could be extended to include her garage in order for her to do her washing.