LOVERS of music took a step back in time at a vinyl revival auction with many items being sold all over the world.

Gramophones and record players were all part of the lots alongside 230 vintage vinyl and collectible records.

The sale took place yesterday at Thomson Roddick in Carlisle.

Musical instruments, music boxes, music and film memorabilia, autographs and other paraphernalia were all part of the popular sale.

Highlights included LPs of Northern Soul and an early sample from the famous Manchester label Factory Records.

Steven Parkinson, auction manager, said: “As with any auction some things disappoint and some things amaze.

“It was a good turn out and good viewing at the pre-auction sale.”

Items on sale included a first pressing of The Rolling Stones’ Beggars Banquet from 1968 and a Factory Records double seven-inch featuring Joy Division which sold for about £200.

It dates from 1979, the year after Factory Records was founded by Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus. Factory featured other prominent acts such as New Order, the Durutti Column, Happy Mondays and Northside, so the single is one of its earliest releases.

Mr Parkinson said: “Old Beatles records and Hendrix music always does well.

“The sale was a good market for really good rock and condition is everything.”

A gramophone was the most expensive selling item in yesterday’s auction.

Mr Parkinson said: “It was a vintage piece and people like that.

“We thought it would attract interest as it is an interior piece.

“It could be a statement piece in a fancy restaurant or even a pub or someone’s home.”

Mr Parkinson said about 50 people attended the auction which he said was “not bad for a Wednesday morning.”

But about 500 to 600 people had registered an interest over the phone.

Mr Parkinson said: “These are people who are sat at home on their mobiles bidding. The way technology works now is amazing. These are people who are supposed to be working but really they are bidding for items in an auction.

“I would imagine that some of the items that were sold will be going all over the world to America and other places.

“If you’re in Dubai it’s unlikely that you will be able to get hold of a copy of the Sex Pistols. That’s why auctions like this are great.”

Also in the sale was a collection of 17 northern soul LPs, by the likes of Don Covay, Esther Phillips, Denise LaSalle and Gloria Lynne.

Other items included a selection of five Motorhead LPs and a mono issue of the Beatles’ film soundtrack Yellow Submarine.

First pressings of the Pink Floyd albums Wish You Were Here and Animals and a 78rpm picture disc of the Dutch Swing College Band were also on sale.

The next auction of vintage vinyl and memorabilia will take place in September.