Be warned - there will be a murder taking place tonight in one Cumbrian village.

Thankfully, it’s all part of the act - a Highly Suspect murder mystery.

Carlisle-based theatre troupe Highly Suspect will be bringing the intrigue of 1940s Hollywood to Castle Carrock this evening in the form of an interactive theatre piece.

Beginning at 7pm, tickets for the evening are £16, including supper.

All profits from the evening will go towards the repair fund for the Watson Institute, Castle Carrock’s village hall.

Fundraising for the hall’s repair has been ongoing for several months.

The most recent fundraising effort - the Castle Carrock ‘Big Breakfast’ - took place on January 20 and raised £545 for the fund.

A total of 85 full English breakfasts were served, and was so successful the event will be repeated on Sunday, April 7. Chairman of the Watson Institute Tom Speight was delighted at the success.

“We were staggered as to just how hungry Castle Carrock - and beyond - is of a Sunday morning,” he said.

“The occasion provided an excellent opportunity for gossip to be exchanged.

“We have caved in to pressure and have decided to do it all again.”