A JUNIOR school is calling on the public for help in markings its 50th anniversary.

Thomlinson Junior School, in Wigton’s High Street, is asking the community to send in any memorabilia from the last five decades that could be part of the celebrations.

The doors first opened in September 1968, with the official opening of the school taking place in March 1969.

To mark this, the school needs the help of past pupils, teachers and friends from near and far to share any photos, memories and memorabilia that can be used.

Headteacher Brenda Fyrth said: “Fifty years needs marked, it’s a significant amount of time. This is an opportunity for the community to get involved and remember anything they can about Thomlinson Junior School.”

To commemorate this significant birthday, the school will be opening to the public in July with the children giving guided tours and exhibitions of all memorabilia on display.

In the lead up to the event, children will be taught things about decades gone by as well as designing a mug for the celebrations.

“We’ve got a group on social media that we are urging members to get involved with, as well as organising a banner to hang outside the school promoting what we are doing,” added Mrs Fyrth.

Anyone who has something they think could be featured in the exhibitions can post directly on the Facebook page - Thomlinson Junior School 50 Years of Memories - or send printed copies to the school office by May 24.

Any printed pictures should be sent to the school office labelled with your name and contact details to ensure safe return.

Members of Thomlinson Junior School are hoping that the community will be able to join them in the summer to celebrate, with more details to follow.