Otter fans can enjoy two days of activities dedicated to the furry creatures this weekend.

The Lake District Wildlife Park at Bassenthwaite, near Keswick, is hosting fun things to do themed around the popular animals.

All About Otters will celebrate their playful personalities and behaviour, and help people to understand their natural habitats, the threats they face in the wild and good news about the recent recovery of UK otter populations.

A display and information stand will help visitors learn more about the 13 species of otter found worldwide, as well as introducing them to seven-year-old short-clawed otter Amber, who lives in the park.

Visitors can also help with otter enrichment by making items that encourage the creatures to use the skills they display in the wild to explore and search for food.

Lauren Pickthall, the park’s carnivore keeper, said: “Even in captivity, it’s important that we encourage these inquisitive animals to display their natural behaviours. That includes playing with small pebbles and stones, and mimicking what they do in the wild.

“The UK’s wild otter population is now as high as it’s ever been, with many spotted here in the Lake District.

"Many years ago, otters were in decline, but this has now been turned around.

"The change is mainly down to better quality water systems where the otters can live in a healthier habitat and it’s vital that we use this event to share that positive message. We need to show people that we can all have a positive impact on our eco-system and helping local otter populations to thrive is a great example of that.”

Visitors can take part in enrichment making at 11.30am on Saturday, February 2 and Sunday, February 3.

At noon on each day of the days they will be able to watch Amber interacting with her enrichment goodies.

Then at 2.30pm each day there will be otter feeding and a talk.