Cockermouth people are split over plans for a B&M store on the outskirts of town.

The Low Road plans, submitted by Opus Land North Ltd, were refused in July but have been resubmitted.

They have sparked conflicting views within the town.

While many think such a big store on the outskirts of town would have a devastating impact on the town centre and are calling for the land to be used for employment purposes, others reckon this is just what the town needs. They welcome the range of goods and jobs the store would bring.

Cockermouth mum Bekah Bragg launched a petition this week, in support of the application.

The latest plans - for the erection of a retail unit with external garden centre and employment unit including access, parking, landscaping and associated works - are essentially the same as the previous ones but with more landscaping.

Allerdale Council development panel voted to recommend refusal of the application last summer - despite their officers recommending approval.

Councillor Nicky Cockburn recommended refusal on the grounds of the loss of employment land and visual amenity.

More than 150 people have written to the council about the plans, with about 60 supporting them and 80 objecting to them.

The town council has also recommended refusal.

Bekah, 27, lives on Slatefell. "It's amazing how many people want it. I have not met one person on the estate where I live that does not want the B&M store, a lot of people on The Laureates want it too," she said.

"Everyone I know who has children and does not drive wants it.

"I am on a limited budget and can't get necessities for my child in town, it can be a struggle going on the bus in bad weather with a three-year-old.

"We need to move with the times. I'm Cockermouth born and while it's good to have the tourist stuff the town needs to provide for younger people too.

"I would happily apply to work there."

She also thinks a B&M store would encourage people from other areas to visit the town and consequently support existing businesses.

She has put the petition in various town businesses and will be presenting it to Allerdale leader and Cockermouth town councillor Alan Smith before the Development Panel meets to discuss the application.