A drunk man was arrested for yelling abuse at police officers in Carlisle city centre suddenly pulled a kitchen knife from his trousers, magistrates heard.

Kyle Crawford, 23, was also carrying a small lock-knife.

When he was later questioned about the two weapons, he told police he carried the weapons because he was living in fear of people who might cause him harm.

In court, prosecutor Pam Ward said the defendant came to the attention of police at around 3am on December 16.

He bumped into the patrolling officers, and as a consequence yelled an insult at them.

"He was unsteady on his feet and smelled strongly of liqueur," said Mrs Ward. "They took hold of his arm to prevent him causing injury to himself."

The police officers told another man who appeared on the scene that he should take Crawford home or the defendant might otherwise be arrested.

At this point, Crawford became abusive, and made rude gestures towards the officers.

He was immediately arrested and handcuffed, but Crawford managed to roll on to the floor and get his hands in front of him. "He pulled a large knife from his trousers," said Mrs Ward.

"He cut himself, but one of the officers managed to stand on the knife."

The officers used a parva spray to subdue the defendant.

At the time of the offence, he was serving a suspended sentence for offences that include battery and shoplifting.

Addressing the defendant, from Egerton Court, Barrow, magistrates said they considered that their sentencing powers were not sufficient. They sent the case to Carlisle Crown Court for a hearing on February 15.

In the meantime, they ordered a background report to help the sentencing judge.