BRAIN busters will gather at the Sands Centre tomorrow night for the chance to put their grey matter to the test.

The event, hosted by quizmaster Geoff Haugh, is a night of fun, entertainment, memory recall and general knowledge for everyone taking part.

Competitors, in teams of four, tackle a range of questions from trivia to sport, film and lyrics.

One of the favourite rounds is the traditional Blockbuster style round called I’ll Have A ‘P’.

Organiser Geoff Haugh says this round is a good place to pick up points for some teams who are struggling.

Every year, the quiz is organised and set by Mr Haugh.

He has presented it every year since it started in 1993.

During this time he has seen families grow up and some couples who met at the quiz have even gone on to get married.

Mr Haugh spends the year compiling questions and keeps them in a secret file hidden from everyone - including his family.

He cuts things out of newspapers and jots items down if he hears something interesting on the radio or television.

After so many years compiling and compering it, Mr Haugh admits that it is fairly straightforward now, although every year there are still tweaks to the formula.

“The hardest rounds are still the trivia and sport – I always say if you can do fairly well in those then you’re in with a great chance,” he said.

In recent years a giant screen has been added.

There are no individual embarrassing questions.

Questions are given out on sheets by Sands staff and collected at the end of each round.

There is music and picture questions and the bar is open throughout for drinks and snacks.

Mr Haugh says some people try and revise beforehand and sometimes he adds a new round to freshen things up.

But ultimately the quiz follows the same format.

Mr Haugh said: “If it is not broken, why fix it?”

The cost for a team of four to enter this year is £28.

There is a prize for the best team name.

Prizes are also given to the winners and runners-up.

Call 01228 633766 for more information or online at

The quiz starts at 7pm.

It usually lasts for about three hours with an interval in the middle so people can have a break.