Pupils at a Workington school welcomed two visitors from Allerdale council this week.

The student leaders at Victoria Infant and Nursery School enjoyed a visit by Allerdale's deputy mayor Neil Schofield and street scene officer Claire McAvoy.

The children asked question and shared concerns about the local area and learned about how recycling works and how they could help make a positive impact on the planet.

Children at the school have recently worked hard to recycle plastic and even created a Christmas tree from green bottles.

The student leaders are due to welcome the visitors again shortly to work with them creating posters to display near the school to encourage dog walkers to pick up after their animals as dog fouling has been raised as an issue in the area.

With help from the council , the school is also looking to make its field a dog-free zone to safeguard the children as it is used for PE sessions and sports events.

The student leaders also hope to visit a waste recycling centre to learn even more about the process of recycling.

Councillor Schofield, said: “It was great to see the passion and enthusiasm the children had. It's up to us to help encourage and nurture this. The student leaders told me their motto was 'think globally, act locally' which can only be good for all our futures.”