A SENIOR stylist has joined Penrith's Brockles Hair and Beauty Salon.

Vanessa Moffat, who has over 30 years of experience in the hairdressing business, is now working at the salon in Bishops Yard.

She previously owned and ran Vision Hair Studio. She began her styling career aged 17 and opened her own salon at 24.

After a short break from hairdressing, Vanessa has recently undergone fresh training in Glasgow at the Vidal Sassoon Glasgow Academy.

She said: “It was very empowering and a real confidence boost to know I still have great skill with scissors, but for me, it was an amazing experience that reminded me just how much I love cutting hair.”

Brockles, which has been open over 30 years, has offered Vanessa a self-employed role at the salon.

A spokesman said: "At Brockles we’re all on the same wave length and we’re very real people with plenty of experience. Being self-employed means, we take a chair at the salon - so our reputations really matter. It’s fantastic to have Vanessa join our team - she has such energy and passion and fits in so well with everyone.”

Vanessa said: “When you work alongside others you are constantly training, contributing new ideas and discussing product benefits. I have missed that - and the camaraderie of working with a like-minded group of senior stylists.

“I’m really excited to welcome back some of my old clients as well as meeting new ones."