THE Met Office has revealed when Cumbria is likely to see snow this winter.

According to operational meteorologist Martin Bowles, settled snow in the county is more likely between the end of January and the start of February, but is by no means certain.

He told the News & Star: "This increased likelihood is because of the 'sudden stratospheric warning' that has recently taken place several thousand metres above us."

A Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) of the atmosphere refers to a swift change in temperatures in the stratosphere that is sometimes linked to the beginning of cold weather in winter.

The Met Office say they can reliably predict individual SSWs about a week in advance, and can detect them early on with satellite and other observations.

This means meteorologists have some time to see how they develop and may impact future weather.

Currently, the forecaster says temperatures overall are close to average, but there may be a transition to colder weather with more widespread frosts and an enhanced risk of snow in a fortnight.

The Met Office's UK outlook between January 23 to February 6 states: "During the last week of January and into early February there is an increased likelihood of colder weather conditions becoming established generally across all of the UK.

"This would bring an enhanced risk of frost, fog and also snow.

"These notably colder conditions are by no means certain though, and even if they do occur, they are will probably still be interspersed with some milder, wetter and windy interludes."