A CARLISLE councillor has branded part of the civic centre as being in a 'deplorable state'.

Burgh councillor John Collier quizzed council chiefs at the latest meeting on Tuesday night as to when work will begin to revamp it.

Councillor Collier said: "I would like to ask the leader when something will be done about the deplorable state about the ground floor of this building.

"It's been over three years now, we're still waiting, and it doesn't look very good at all."

Responding, councillor Colin Glover said: "I have to be honest when I drive past, I don't get the same vision that you get.

"But we recognise that the ground floor needs to be moved forward.

"It was one of the big schemes that was put at the end because there were so many other things we had to do.

"The contracts are now being considered, with a tender in process, and we are hoping to make progress on that very shortly."

More than 4.72 million litres of water was pumped from the building after Storm Desmond hit the county in December 2015.

The ground floor has been out of use ever since.

Facilities have been located in a portable cabin in the car park.