A wood fuel seller says some European suppliers are refusing to deal with his company until they "know what's going on with Brexit".

David Robinson, who owns Brampton Wood Fuels with brother Tom, said an Austrian and Polish company had stopped supplying two popular products because of the uncertainty around Britain's exit from the EU.

Mr Robinson and his brother set up the company on Brampton's Town Foot Industrial estate two years ago, which sells fuel for wood burning stoves and open fires, as well as biomass boilers.

In particular, it focuses on trying to use fuel from sustainable sources.

Mr Robinson said the products the two companies supplied had both been made of waste wood compressed into logs.

"They have both come back and said 'We've a good domestic market and until we know what's going on with Brexit, we won't deal with the UK'," he said.

"They say they just don't know what's going to happen."

He said the suppliers had broken the news to him in August.

"I didn't discover it until well into the buying season and I've lost two of my best suppliers and I haven't been able to replace them like for like, so I've had to disappoint some customers," he said.

"There's a huge shortage of supply this year and we are getting less choice."

Mr Robinson said he believed the lack of supply generally was linked to Brexit.

"People are doing business with the UK, but if they can choose not to they are," he said.

"There was always going to be two or three years of disruption and as a business man that's not good.

"Businesses are saying 'Why should we trade with you until it's sorted?' and I can't blame them."

The Prime Minister Theresa May presented her draft withdrawal agreement from the EU to MPs last month.

However, a vote on the bill has been delayed in the face of opposition from both remain and leave supporting MPs.

Parliament is now expected to vote on the draft deal in the week beginning January 14.