A high-profile guest will headline an inaugural learning conference at an Egremont school.

Amanda Spielman, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools (HMCI), will speak at the Cumbrian Leading Learning research conference at West Lakes Academy on March 18.

She is one of over 25 leading speakers from the world of education.

The chief inspector will give a glimpse into a new research-led inspection framework due for release in September 2019 as well as her views on the curriculum and what children learn.

Ofsted is actively engaged in research around a number of areas, including science in primary schools, and foreign languages and art in secondary schools.

They are also looking at how pupils with special educational needs and disability in mainstream schools can get better access to support, teacher wellbeing and workload and improving basic skills and knowledge in further education.

West Lakes Academy headteacher James Jackson said: “It’s difficult to describe how excited we feel that Amanda Spielman is travelling all the way to West Cumbria to talk at our special academy to an audience of Cumbrian teachers.

"We are immensely honoured and already encouraged that she is prepared to give time to focus on helping us change lives through learning.

“We hope it will be one of those defining moments in the landscape of our county’s education system; something we talk about for years to come.

"We want Cumbria to lead, energize and represent the pinnacle of changing lives through learning; we believe our country’s success depends on it.”

The day will see 200 teachers take part in a number of sessions with some of education’s leading thinkers.

Abby Deeks, vice principal, said: “The conference is aimed solely at those who work every day in schools, leading improvements in learning and teaching.

"We want those who have the closest link to improving student outcomes across their school to hear research-led, evidence-based strategies that are making tangible differences to the education of children across the world and to minimise the distance between hearing that idea and it impacting on a child’s experience in class.”

Melissa Relph, vice principal, said: “I was born, grew up and went to school in West Cumbria and came back from university to teach our wonderful children in our amazing schools and I can’t remember a time when such an impressive list of speakers was gathered together here.

“We hope that visitors will make new friends and forge relationships that span the geography of our county and beyond; to learn from each other, inspire each other; where those who change lives through learning have their own lives changed too.”