Far-right activist Tommy Robinson came to Workington after he claimed a student had shared his address online.

Former English Defence League leader Mr Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, made a "six-hour drive" to Cumbria to doorstep the man on Tuesday.

In a video to his followers on Facebook, he said: "Someone was sharing my address where my wife and kids are."

It is believed the student wasn't present when Mr Robinson, who was recently appointed as an adviser to UKIP leader Gerard Batten, arrived.

Cumbria Police confirmed it was "aware of a report that an individual identifying himself as Tommy Robinson attended an address in Workington" on December 11.

A spokesman said: "No offences have been reported. Police are in contact with all parties involved."

Mr Robinson's claim that his address had been shared has been disputed on social media.

Mike Stuchbery, a historian and writer, who says he challenges the far-right's intolerance, wrote a series of posts on Twitter which claimed the student had pointed out "inconsistencies in Tommy's rants" online.

He said one post had narrowed Mr Robinson's home location down but "this was nothing that wasn't already out there".

In a video, shared on a Workington Facebook group, Mr Robinson can be heard asking a police officer if it is a criminal offence to doxx someone.

Doxing is when someone publishes private or identifying information about an individual on the internet.

Another man in the footage said: "If that was my son I'd say listen son, what you did is disgusting.

"You're going to speak to this man, you're going to apologise."

Mr Robinson, who has also been a member of the British National Party, later posted a video to his own Facebook page, where he claimed the student had put his family at risk.

"Someone was sharing my address where my wife and kids are," he said. "Please don't share him and don't share his address because his mum and dad have just had an absolute terrible night.

"I've gone and knocked on their door and I guess they're worrying like hell.

"At the minute I've got all of the footage from going to their home, ringing the boy who done it.

"At present it doesn't need to be shared. I'll make that judgement when I see where this currently goes."

But, in his Twitter posts, Mr Stuchbery said: "I feel like I need to step in here, having observed the situation unfold.

"The kid compared a real estate listing to a video and narrowed it down to a general area. Nothing that many don't already know."

Mr Robinson's appointment to UKIP led to a number of people resigning from the party, including former leader Nigel Farage.