A shoplifter who assaulted a man and damaged his caravan has been put behind bars.

Alan Michael Kendrick, 41, of Briscoe Mount, Egremont, appeared at West Cumbria Magistrates Court in Workington.

Kendrick admitted assaulting a man in Workington on October 17.

He also pleaded guilty to destroying a caravan window and damaging a kettle and flask, to the value of £125, which belonged to his victim, on the same day.

Magistrates heard that Kendrick had also stolen alcohol from shops on three occasions in September and October.

He admitted stealing a bottle of wine from McColl's in Harrington on September 20 and another on September 24, and taking a third bottle of wine from Home Bargains in Workington on October 21.

Kendrick was jailed for 14 days and ordered to pay £160.49 compensation.