ALLONBY Primary School has received high praise in its most recent Ofsted report.

The ruling from the educational standards board was that the school continues to fall into the ‘Good’ category and there were some areas of further improvement.

Ofsted inspector, Emma Gregory visited the school on October 3 and found it to be “a caring and nurturing school”. The report added that the primary school has “an overarching ethos of kindness, consideration and compassion”.

Children have been said to be “happy” and “safe” at Allonby Primary School. One of the areas of safeguarding that Ofsted found Allonby to be strong in was online safety.

“Pupils show a strong understanding of who to stay safe on the internet,” it said.

The inspector was looking for improvement in attendance figures ad complimented the school for the strategies put in place to ensure the pupils attend school every day.

A particularly strong aspect of the school was its pupil’s enrichment.

“Pupils enjoy a curriculum that is rich and personalised,” the report states. “This is because you check regularly that pupils’ needs are met and adapt the curriculum appropriately.”

Ofsted now wants to see the school push pupils to achieve: “Leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that: teachers plan learning that provides pupils with more opportunities to develop an apply their subject-specific skills in history and geography.”