A WOMAN allegedly attacked by another mum outside a school has rubbished a suggestion she caused her own injuries.

Sarah Robinson's denials came at Carlisle Crown Court, where 33-year-old Rachael Harvey is on trial.

Harvey, of Robert Owen Avenue, Cleator Moor, denies one charge alleging actual bodily harm assault. Miss Robinson is said to have suffered a broken nose and black eye. Jurors have seen injury photos.

Giving evidence, Harvey's sister-in-law, Elizabeth McDowell, said she transported Miss Robinson to hospital after the incident outside a school last June.

But before driving there, Ms McDowell said Miss Robinson claimed "she had assaulted herself". "She just said that she had hit herself. She told me just the once - hard, in her eye," Ms McDowell told jurors.

"I was shocked."

But during earlier cross-examination, Miss Robinson vehemently denied any such claim.

Harvey's lawyer, Anthony Parkinson, said: "I am going to suggest you inflicted the injuries we can see in the pictures yourself while you waited for the police to arrive."

Miss Robinson replied: "Definitely not." She asked: "Why would I hit myself in the face?" She described Mr Parkinson's further suggestion that she wanted to get Harvey into trouble as "complete rubbish".

During her evidence, Harvey insisted no assault took place. She said Miss Robinson "barged" past her and "shouted something". "Next I know she has grabbed my hair and we gave both got hold of each other's hair," Harvey told jurors. "We were split up. That was it."

Harvey's lawyer, Anthony Parkinson, asked: "Whilst you were pulling each other's hair, did you punch Sarah Robinson at any point?"

"No," Harvey replied. "No punches were thrown whatsoever."

Prosecutor Ciaran Rankin asked Harvey: "How did she (Miss Robinson) get the injuries?"

Harvey responded: "I believe she done them herself."

The trial continues.