AN ANIMAL charity stepped up to help ensure an autistic little boy’s best friend was able to receive life-saving medical treatment.

Mylo, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, needed an urgent operation to remove a tumour from his paw but his owner, Micha Quinn, had no idea how she would be able to pay for the treatment.

The potential loss of any pet is devastating, but Mylo has an extra special role in his family as he provides emotional and social support to seven-year-old Jack.

Jack has autism and severe dyslexia and his beloved dog is his lifeline to the outside world.

Micha explained: “Milo is not only a part of the family but he is my son’s best friend.

“Whenever Jack has had a tough day at school - or in general - our dog Mylo senses this and, just by sitting beside Jack, he gets a lot of comfort from this. Jack isn’t fond of a lot of contact so Mylo is privileged.

“On days when Jack doesn’t want to leave the house, with Mylo by his side he is more willing to do so.

“Jack was eight-months-old when I got Mylo, so they have grown up together.”

Desperate, Micha contacted Oak Tree Animals’ Charity, based in Wetheral Shields near Carlisle, to see if there were any other options.

After hearing about the bond between Jack and Mylo, staff were determined to try to help keep them together. They spoke with the vets to find out more about Mylo’s situation and were able to offer a contribution towards the treatment needed.

Mylo underwent the operation and has now made a full recovery to be reunited with Jack.

Micha said: “The support from Oak Tree has taken a huge weight off my shoulders and helped my son’s best friend get the help he needed.

“I am forever grateful - as are Jack and Mylo.”

Caroline Johnson, general manager at Oak Tree, said: “When we heard the story of Mylo and how a simple operation could not only help Mylo but also Jack, we immediately looked to see what options were available.

“As a charity we understand how important the pet-owner bond can be for both animals and human and, where appropriate and possible, we aim to try to help keep pets in loving homes for life.

“In this case, one simple operation would mean that Mylo did not need to be rehomed and could remain with his family preventing him enduring the stress of the kennel environment and rehoming, and preventing unnecessary distress for Jack who relies on Mylo for support.”

She added: “Non-routine veterinary costs are often un-budgeted for by owners and can often lead to animals being rehomed.

“As a charity we would strongly advise owners to consider taking out pet insurance to prevent any unnecessary stress and heartbreak.

“In this exceptional situation we were delighted that we were able to help keep Mylo and Jack together.”

For more information about Oak Tree Animals’ Charity’s work and how you can help, visit, contact the team on 01228 560082 or visit the charity’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.