Those in need have received a helping hand from kind-hearted school pupils.

Youngsters from Stoneraise School, on the edge of Carlisle, have completed a one-year project which culminated in every child making soup to distribute throughout the city.

Part of their work was a gardening project, that involved maths, cookery, science, as well as skills like teamwork and responsibility.

It saw the youngsters plant their own pumpkins which sprung into life as huge vegetables this autumn.

Now, they’ve used their produce to make soup and donate it to soup kitchens and good causes throughout Carlisle.

Headteacher Clem Coady said: “Every child from three to 11 has taken part in making, cooking and packaging the soup which has been distributed by both parents and the Vineyard Church Carlisle, to a variety of shelters.

“We have made 344 portions of pumpkin soup, using our homegrown pumpkins. The children have been supported by staff and parents have helped ensure that this has been distributed effectively.

“To be a part of this and hear children talking about being socially responsible gives me great pride knowing that these children will be a generation which cares for society and play their role in helping others.”

The project has been picked up by professors in education, the Royal Horticultural Society and even commented on by the director of Ofsted Sean Harford.

“It has been a great idea from the start, to see children develop a range of skills has been brilliant,” said teacher Jill Johnston.

“The soup-making alone has developed an understanding of cookery and hygiene, but has also brought in key aspects of mathematics to ensure the recipes were scaled up correctly.

“IT skills were also used very well to ensure the products were labelled effectively to be distributed.”

Amanda Sindle-Mouat, a parent, said: “The soup story has been brilliant to be involved in as a parent, it has been wonderful to see our school support the wider community

“It has been really pleasing to see the children being taught compassion and how to look out for others in society.”