Two members of a three-man gang who raided a garage have admitted burglary.

But one of the trio of burglars involved in targeting Hill’s Garage, at Corby Hill near Carlisle, was unable to be assessed for a Probation Service background report after he was hit by a car on his way to Carlisle Crown Court.

Grant Stewart, 37, of Harris Crescent, Carlisle, who was said to have been left badly bruised after his accident, and his co-defendant Gary Milburn, 36, of Lightfoot Drive, Harraby, both entered guilty pleas to a single allegation of forcing their way in and burgling the garage on February 7.

A third man has already been sentenced for his part in the burglary.

The court heard that the trio stole cigarettes and alcohol. The value of the haul was said to be £2,300.

Neil Ronan, for Stewart, told Judge James Adkin: “He was struck by a car on his way here today; and having seen his actual skin I would rather he went to hospital sooner rather than later.

“He’s nursing a lengthy and substantial [bruise].”

Judge Adkin agreed that Stewart, given his accident, would not be in a fit state to have his Probation Service interview. This had been scheduled to take place after yesterday’s hearing.

The judge agreed to adjourn the case for a sentencing hearing on Thursday.

Judge Adkin told the two defendants: “You will be sentenced on Thursday, but please do not think I have made a decision as to what he sentence will be.

“You must attend in good time.”

Both men were granted bail prior to their next appearance at the city’s crown court.

A Probation officer, who was present in court, said staff had been having difficulty accessing details about a number of different defendants.

This was said to have been the result of a national problem with the service’s digital case system.