BRAMPTON Co-op has proved the power of the town’s community, raising more than £4,000 for the Penny Jones Animal Hospice.

The Penny Jones sanctuary takes in a wide selection of animals needing care, with some coming from as far away as Romania.

For the past six months, the Hethersgill animal refuge has been one of three local causes backed by Brampton Co-op’s Local Community Fund.

Chosen by Co-op customers, the scheme puts a portion of the shop’s profits into a pot.

Now the final total raised in the past six months has been collected and split between three local recipients - Lanercost Cricket Club, Bewcastle Scouts and the Penny Jones sanctuary.

The grand total came to a huge £12,196.

The Penny Jones sanctuary received £4238.90, which owner Elizabeth Banks says will largely go towards paying for vet care.

“Most of our animals that come in have never seen a vet in their life,” Elizabeth said.

“It’s absolutely fantastic. I think the Co-op needs a lot of recognition for this.

“I was hoping for just a little bit of money to help out.

“But this is fantastic.”

Brampton Co-op team leader Donna Blaylock was pleased to be able to hand over such an impressive donation to the Penny Jones sanctuary.

“We’re very proud,” she said.

“Each store does it and they’ll have their own causes.

“The three charities for the next six months have already been chosen.

“They’ll be the Brampton PTA, Brampton Scouts and the Brampton Young Farmers’ Club.”

For Donna, the Penny Jones sanctuary is a worthwhile cause to fund.

“I think it’s fantastic

“They get a lot of animals at Christmas time after people buy them as presents.

Donna is hopeful that the Brampton Co-op will be able to beat their most recent fundraising achievement.

“We’ll definitely try,” said Donna.