Cumbria County Council want the people of Cumbria to help them name their road gritters.

With the winter season fast approaching, their fleet of 38 gritters will soon be a regular site on the county’s roads.

But at the moment, each truck looks exactly alike. To make them more personalised, the council have now launched a competition to find names for five of their gritter trucks.

To enter, simply send a name to their dedicated Twitter feed, @CumbriaGritters, by Friday November 16.

Councillor Keith Little is the Highways and Transport portfolio holder for Cumbria County Council.

“We have a dedicated team of people and gritter vehicles ready to work day and night to keep the county moving during spells of severe cold weather,” Mr Little said.

“Our Name a Gritter competition is an opportunity to remind people of the important work our gritter drivers do.

“I’m looking forward to seeing people’s naming ideas, all we ask is keep them clean and be original.”

Mr Little added that Gritty McGritface is unlikely to get past the judging panel.