The owner of a Carlisle scrapyard has expressed his fury after being burgled for the sixth time in less than three years.

Peter Horvath has been running Willowholme Auto Salvage behind the city’s Sainsbury’s superstore since February 2016.

Since opening, the business has been plagued by thieves stealing about £20,000 worth of equipment and wares.

The most recent incident was last Tuesday night, when about 80 alloy wheels were lifted from Mr Horvath’s yard.

“They are big, heavy items. That must have taken about two or three hours,” said Mr Horvath, 45.

Thieves gained access to the yard, which is surrounded by barbed wire, by destroying part of the steel border fence.

The yard’s CCTV system captured footage of two individuals entering the yard, but some of the CCTV cameras were also stolen in the raid.

The police investigation into the incident is ongoing, but Mr Horvath has been less than impressed by Cumbria Constabulary’s response so far.

“The police don’t do anything at all,” Mr Horvath said, and added that he was advised to upgrade his CCTV equipment

“Oh that’s good,” he said. “So why pay the tax and pay for the police?

“I have a camera, it’s nicked. I have another camera, it’s nicked. What can I do?”

Experiencing six burglaries in less than three years has caused Mr Horvath a great deal of stress.

“It’s affecting me mentally. It’s a new business. We’re trying to survive,” Mr Horvath said.

“We’ve done very well. This company is less than three years old. We extended already,” he continued.

“The only problem, there is always this feeling inside. And after every time, I’m always putting everything back into the business.

“Every time I’ve been robbed, I have to support myself, I have to put more money in, because I’m always losing, and the police are not interested.”

Mr Horvath wants to see a regular police patrol along Willow Holme Road, where his scrapyard is located.

“We don’t have good enough cameras around. We need a patrol, maybe two or three times in a night,” he said.

Cumbria Police confirmed to the News & Star that they are investigating last Tuesday’s incident, but they were unable to provide any further comment.