BEATBOXER who made it to the TV auditions of Britain’s Got Talent but was unable to perform due to a cardiac arrest is again trying his luck on the hit talent show.

Dale Coulthard, 22, from Dalston, brought his beatboxing talent to Carlisle city centre on Monday, as Britain’s Got Talent producers held auditions in the Tourist Information Centre.

The former Richard Rose Morton Academy student has called his act the ‘Pacemaker’.

“I got through to the TV shows, but I ended up in hospital,” Dale said.

“I then needed a pacemaker, which is why I have called myself the Pacemaker, that is my stage name.

“I want to show people they can achieve their dreams if they stick at it.”

He added: “I think it went pretty good. They told me to send more videos of me performing and one of me playing the flute while beatboxing.

“I think I have done pretty well, I think I have done enough.”

Dale said his beatboxing journey began at a young age.

“When I was eight I got kicked out of class for making strange noises, but my music teacher said you do realise it is good beatboxing. I said ‘What is beatboxing?’, and he showed me a video of Beardyman on YouTube, and ever since then I was hooked,” he said.

Winning the competition would be a dream come true aspiring performer.

“I would love to perform in front of the Royal Family, I would love to teach Prince Charles, to see if he can do it [beatboxing].”

Another Carlisle hopeful performing in front of two of the show’s researchers was 16-year-old singer-songwriter Caroline Jane, of Stanwix.

Singing her own song, entitled Thanks for the Stage, Caroline is hopeful of progressing to the next stage of the competition.

“I really enjoyed it, I think it went well. I guess I won’t find out until February.

“I auditioned a couple of years back, but I am hoping that now I have more confidence that I have a good chance.”

Caroline added: “I started signing before I could talk, I was making up my own words to songs. I was about five when I started to sing properly.

“It would mean so much, I picture myself singing everywhere, anywhere, all the time.”

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Britain's Got Talent auditions at the Old Town Hall in Carlisle. Contest hopefulls Luke Smith from Carlisle and Louisiana Swailes also from Carlisle: 8 October 2018..STUART WALKER

Louisiana Swailes, 17, from Raffles, Carlisle, was also auditioning.

She said: “Every single day I sing, three to four hours. I have a mic and an amp, I sing all the time. If I’m not working I’m singing. It all started when my dad bought X Factor karaoke and I used to sing on that.”