A smallholder whose family dog attacked a teenage girl has been sentenced to a 28-day curfew.

At the city’s crown court, Sandra Gould, 53, from Bewcastle, north of Carlisle, admitted being in charge of a dog that was dangerously out of control.

Prosecutor Gerard Rogerson said the offence happened at about 1pm on June 12, as a 17-year-old girl was visiting the defendant’s home.

She managed to get across the property’s yard without incident, although the collie barked. But as the girl was leaving, she felt a sharp pain in her upper leg.

“She looked down, and Bert [the dog] was standing next to her,” said the prosecutor.

The teenager had to have the wound dressed at Brampton Medical Centre and needed a precautionary course of antibiotics.

At the time, Gould had been appropriately concerned, said Mr Rogerson.

The lawyer went on to outline that officials from Royal Mail had been concerned about the dog, which on an earlier occasion had bitten the tyre of one of the firm’s vans.

Staff from an electricity company had also expressed concern.

At the time, the defendant’s partner’s dog - who is 14-years-old - was not tied up as it usually was.

Judge James Adkin noted that the dog appeared to be territorial, and that what happened had been distressing for the young victim. But he agreed not to order the dog’s immediate destruction.

He imposed a 28-day curfew and a contingent destruction order, telling Gould the dog must be tethered when outside and there must be a sign to warn visitors about Bert.

The judge added: “You must recognise that this is a last chance for Bert.

“The next time he bites, he will be put down.”

The curfew will run from 8pm to 7am every day throughout the 28-day community order.