A father was found dead after falling out with his baby's mother. 

Rob Williams, a 31-year-old Whitehaven doorman, was discovered in his house by a police officer on January 17 last year. 

Assistant coroner Nicholas Shaw said Mr Williams, of Brakeside Gardens, had committed suicide.

Mr Williams's GP, Dr Vedapanakal told the inquest his patient had a history of "depressive behaviour" and "suicidal gestures" starting from 2003, and that he had refused help from mental health services twice in the weeks leading up to his death.

His friend Aliana Jones told an inquest Mr Williams had been planning a trip to Australia for around 10 years and had finally saved enough money in 2014 to take the two-year working holiday. 

The inquest, at Cockermouth, heard that just three days before he was due to leave, he discovered the woman he had been dating was pregnant - but he went ahead with the trip "with her blessing." 

However, Ms Jones said that Mr Williams had parted ways with the friend he went to Australia with and decided to come home after five weeks to be a father to his unborn baby. 

The inquest heard, Mr Williams and the baby's mother, who he had dated around five times before they parted, had fallen out over "inappropriate" messages he posted on Facebook during his trip. 

Mr Williams told his friends that the woman wanted "nothing to do with him" and that his name would be left off the baby's birth certificate. 

His friend, Pamela Smurthwaite, told the inquest that he was "not the same person" when he came back from Australia and he had taken a overdose of 124 Tramadol tablets in December 2014 when he was staying at Ms Jones's home. 

The inquest heard that after he was discharged from hospital he moved into his own house. He was found hanged just weeks later.

Toxicologist, Paul Smith, found no alcohol or illegal substances in his body.

Mr Shaw believed Mr Williams knew what he was doing. 

He concluded: "Poor Rob had been emotionally unstable for a long time. He had also been building up for his big adventure for a long time and then that he found out about the baby. 

"Clearly it didn't work out."