BUYER beware – an ancient Bible is up for sale but it comes with a spirit and a £120,000 price tag.

Though it may look like another old Bible, its seller who has a house in Cumbria insists it is haunted and worthy of the hefty asking price.

It was given to him by a friend who was attacked several times by spirits soon after she inherited it from her grandparents.

The seller, freddy1eagle on eBay who wanted to remain anonymous, has already rejected an offer of £50,000 because he thinks it is worth more.

He said of the price: “It’s mainly because of the attachment of the spirit to it because I know there are people who are interested in these thing and there are cults who want to use them for their own purposes.”

Freddy1eagle wants to sell the Bible because he said he feels scared for his family’s safety. A couple of psychics have examined the book and said that there are many spirits attached to it.

His friend who inherited the Bible noticed lots of strange things happening like doors and cupboards opening and closing on their own, and the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.

The final straw was in the middle of the night when she was dragged down the stairs by her hair, leaving her with bruises all over her body.

She then asked freddy1eagle to cleanse her house which he did by praying, performing rituals, sprinkling holy water around the house and commanding evil spirits to leave.

However, he explained that while you can free a house or person who is possessed by a spirit, you can’t expel one from an object. Spirits can become attached to objects because they held special significance during someone’s life or were of sentimental value.

He said: “These entities sometimes get attached to an item. If they are attached to an item, you can’t really get rid of it.”

His friend no longer wanted anything to do with the Bible and so gave it to freddy1eagle.

He left it in his empty house in Harrington, Workington, when he and his wife moved to America for a few years. Since they returned, the Bible has been kept at a local church.

He is now keen to sell it and said it is a genuine Bible, probably from the early or mid-18th century, with leather binding and pictures and maps in colour.

Anyone interested can find the item here: . The seller has said he will accept no responsibility for any poltergeist activities the Bible may cause.