FEELING excited and nervous, Cumbria’s soul singer Jolan Gidney-Craigen is preparing to perform a song dedicated to his mum at The Voice UK’s semi-finals tonight.

Although he could not reveal what song he will be singing, Jolan, 22, of Moor Row, near Whitehaven, said it was one of his mum’s favourites.

“This is the song I have wanted to do from the beginning. It’s hopefully going to be my performance of the series,” he said. “It’s the song that started it all for me.”

After a long battle with a borderline personality disorder, Jolan’s mum Joanne Craigen was found dead at her home in Egremont in October 2014. 

Jolan said it was his mum who sparked and encouraged his passion for music.

“[Music] was her life,” said Jolan. “She couldn’t sing a note but she loved listening to music.”

Joanne’s favourite music was from the 1980s and she loved U2 and Prince. Jolan has inherited her love of music from the 1980s and 1990s and performed Terence Trent-D’Arby’s Wishing Well, released in 1987, for his audition and Yes by McAlmont & Butler at last week’s quarter finals.

Jolan said he thought his mum would be “very chuffed” he has reached this stage of the competition.

When he first auditioned for the show two years ago Joanne came to the auditions with him but none of the judges turned their chairs.

But this time round, Jolan has taken the show by storm. The public showed their support by voting him through to the semi finals and now he hopes everyone will back him again to make sure he secures a place in the finals.

He said: “I think this is the most important show of the whole series. If I perform this well and get support on side, at least I can’t go any further than the final.”

Jolan has also been busy rehearsing with his mentor, Kaiser Chief’s frontman Ricky Wilson and fellow contestant Kevin Simm for their joint performance.

“This is for me about three guys, well three friends at this stage, having fun. I think everyone’s going to enjoy it,” said Jolan.

The singer’s dad, who lives in France, and his girlfriend from Cumbria and her mum and step dad are all heading down to London for the semi finals tonight. The show starts at 7pm on BBC One.