CUMBRIA Police is supporting a national action today remembering those murdered in the name of 'honour'.

The national day of memory is taking place on what would have been Shafilea Ahmed's 30th birthday.

Shafilea, from Warrington, was killed in 2003 and her body found in the River Kent near Kendal.

Her parents were found guilty of her murder in 2012 and jailed for life.

Today is the second annual ‘Day of Memory’, which aims to bring people together to remember those who were killed in abuses relating to 'honour' and forced marriages.

Cumbria Constabulary is using the day to raise awareness of the issue of honour-related violence.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Cooper, of Cumbria Police, said: "These honour-related crimes are clearly very serious crimes that can have long-lasting physical and psychological health implications – not only for the victim, but also for children or wider family members.

"We know that these crimes are under-reported, so would like to use this opportunity to encourage women and girls, and indeed any victim or witness, to have the confidence to report incidents so that we can help."