Litter-bugs have been warned they face court action – after two women were prosecuted for dropping cigarette ends.

Carlisle City Council has issued a stern reminder of the powers available under the law to punish people dumping rubbish in public places.

The authority says littering, flytipping and dog fouling will not be tolerated and anyone caught in the act will have to answer for their actions.

The warning follows two cases brought before Carlisle’s magistrates’ court.

Tracey Tonks, 43, of Briar Bank, Belah, Carlisle, was fined £407 after she dropped a cigarette end from her car on Stanwix Bank on February 25.

She pleaded guilty when she appeared at the court.

In a separate offence, Samantha Mitchell, 20, of Garfield Street, Denton Holme, Carlisle, was fined £145 after she dropped a cigarette end on English Street in the city centre on March 2.

She appeared in court in Carlisle last month.

The council says it has had a number of littering cases since the spring.

Further prosecutions are also in the pipeline.

The authority says a stark message has to go out to those prepared to drop rubbish or commit other similar offences.

The blight of fly-tipping has been highlighted in the past, with people dumping huge amounts of household rubbish or items such as unwanted furniture in places like back lanes or road laybys.

Chris Southward Chris Southward, councillor responsible for the environment and transport, said: “Littering, dog fouling and fly-tipping are all offences that will not be tolerated in Carlisle.

“If necessary, we will pursue prosecutions through the courts. In this instance, we’re pleased with the outcome of the cases.

“We hope that it sends out a strong message to residents to think twice before dropping litter.”

He added: “We have had five litter prosecutions since April and we have a further five pending. The pending ones are for various offences, not just littering.”