A Carlisle schoolgirl who lost both legs and an arm to meningitis is now using her disability to her advantage - as she bids to become a film star.

Twelve-year-old Olivia Story recently landed herself a role as a zombie in a potential Tarantino-esque blockbuster due for release next year.

Despite losing her limbs as a toddler, Olivia, of Lazonby Terrace, has always refused to be held back by her disability.

Throughout her childhood she has gone on to attempt, and succeed, in everything from swimming to karate, skiing to blade running.

Now she has a new goal, to become an actress, and already has one film under her belt.

The Caldew School pupil was recently among the cast of a new movie called Redcon-1 - a gruesome zombie film which sees her remove her prosthetic limbs for a scene.

The film is due out in 2017 and Olivia’s name will be among the credits.

She loved it so much she now hopes to carve out a career as a niche actress, using her disability to help her get some high-profile roles.

Dad Mike explained how it started out as a bit of fun, and has now given his daughter the acting bug.

“I was looking for something that me and Olivia could do which was different.,” he said.

Mike joked that he always thought that Olivia would make a fantastic zombie.

“I can't remember what it was that gave me the idea. I joined a group on Facebook where they recruit zombie extras and posted, saying Ol and I would be willing to do it.

“Several months later, a production assistant dropped me an email and asked if we would still be interested, which of course we were,” he said.

The pair drove to Manchester to arrive on set at 8.30am one Sunday morning - and Mike said they had no idea what to expect.

“When we got there everyone was so lovely. One of the directors was separating people into either survivors or zombies. We were survivors and had to fight the zombies.

“Although we were extras there are actually close up shots of us fighting with zombies and the film is very graphic.”

The film is directed by Chee Keong Cheung, an up and coming director with a style compared to Quentin Tarantino, and stars Carlos Gallardo, Mark Strange and Martyn Ford.

But Olivia soon became more than the average extra.

Mike explained: “Olivia caught the attention of the director, Chee, who asked if she would be willing to remove her legs for a scene, which of course she agreed to.

“This resulted in both Olivia and myself getting a featured scene in the film, screen time and close ups! After Carlos had finished filming Olivia's scene, she got applauded by everyone on set who was involved in her scene, professional actors included.

“Some of the actors and staff on site told me that Olivia should have an agent as she could make a career out of being a niche actress.

“We went down to Stafford the following week for more filming and this was actually the end of the film, which has taken around four years to make.

“This is a blockbuster film and will be out at the cinema in 2017. I would imagine it will be an 18. Both Olivia and I are credited on the IMDB profile for the film.”

Keen to do more acting, Olivia has now had professional photos taken and secured an agent. She also has a profile on casting networks.

Mike added that they have spoken to actors on set who have worked on the new Star Wars film, Hollyoaks, Coronation Street and others.