The first would-be Labour candidate to stand as Copeland's next MP has confirmed his intentions.

Usman Ahmed, 24, says he wants his party's ticket to succeed Jamie Reed when he stands down next month.

Labour are defending a 2,564 majority from last year's general election when Mr Reed leaves his post to take up a new job at Sellafield.

Mr Ahmed, currently the youngest Muslim councillor in Shropshire, is the first person in his party to publicly declare an interest in standing.

He told the News & Star that although he lives in Shropshire, he has contacts and links with Copeland, saying: "I know the area, the people and the issues.

"I know the NHS is a real issue in Copeland and as a passionate believer and supporter of the NHS I will campaign hard to protect all services."

Speaking about leaving the European Union, Mr Ahmed said: "I believe I am best placed to deal with the concerns the constituency faces and places importance on, such as the nuclear issue.

"I'm clear that in any Brexit deal I will look at how Copeland and the surrounding areas will be affected and will be fighting for the best deal."

Mr Ahmed has stood on the boards of a variety of organisations.

"I am the son of immigrants and live the life of ordinary people. I believe passionately that's what's needed in Parliament and Copeland, an MP who has lived and understands the life of ordinary people."

There's likely to be huge national attention on Copeland's by-election, in which one bookmaker has already installed the Conservatives as the favourites to win.

A writ will have to be moved by parliament at the end of January for the by-election to be called.

Other suggested Labour candidates include Thomas Docherty, a former Labour MP for Dunfermline and West Fife, and Workington Labour councillor Andrew Lawson.

There is speculation that Conservatives' Stephen Haraldsen and Chris Whiteside, who previously stood against Mr Reed, could be contenders for their party.

Michael Pye, from UKIP, said he intends to put his name forward along with a number of others from his party.