Copeland MP Trudy Harrison has revealed she is not holding public surgeries due to fears over her safety, following the murder of fellow MP Jo Cox last year.

Mrs Harrison, who was re-elected in June, responded to constituents’ concerns over her availability by saying she no longer holds advertised meetings after the tragic murder.

Frustrated residents have criticised the MP, claiming their letters, emails and calls have not been returned.

But Mrs Harrison, from Bootle, said: “One of the enjoyable parts of being an MP is being able to meet with constituents to assist them with their problems.

“Both my team and I meet with constituents regularly. However, following the tragic murder of MP Jo Cox, I no longer widely advertise public meetings.

“Instead, I meet with constituents who get in touch directly with my office to arrange an appointment.”

Mrs Cox, who was the MP for Batley and Spen, was shot and stabbed multiple times by Thomas Mair in June 2016, after holding a constituency surgery in Birstall.

Simeon Scott, from Egremont, has been trying to get a response from Mrs Harrison since he met her in April.

“She did hold one surgery when she first got elected, I met her in Egremont and since then I haven’t heard anything about the issue I took to her,” he said.

“She doesn’t hold any surgeries and she doesn’t answer calls or emails. How is anyone meant to get in touch with her?

“I’ve called her office on numerous occasions and each time I’ve been palmed off and told there’s no surgeries planned. I want to speak with my MP, not her officers.

“I was told Trudy ‘can’t remember’ your case, ‘we seem to have misplaced your details’.”

And Adrian Smith, from Keswick, is another constituent who has been frustrated by the MP’s lack of communication.

He said: “I follow politics quite closely and I went to the hustings before the by-election and then followed the general election. She made a commitment to holding surgeries. I’ve written to her and she hasn’t responded.”

If you need to speak to Mrs Harrison, call 01229 718 333 or email