A potential housing development in Copeland has been delayed due to the council's on-going IT issues caused by a cyber attack.

Copeland Council was one of a number of organisations around the UK to be affected by a cyber ransom attack last month.

Plans for the scheme on land at Bowthorn Farm, Cleator Moor, were recommended for approval when they went before Copeland planners on Wednesday.

However, two objectors attended the meeting to raise their concerns over the development, and claimed a number of local residents had not been aware the meeting was taking place.

One resident said: "A lot of people who put objections in haven't been notified of this meeting. I know three people who asked to speak and didn't get to know.

"I didn't know myself until I phoned up, I was notified on Friday that I was invited."

Planning panel chairman Michael McVeigh admitted the council "have had problems with the web" and councillor Joan Hully suggested the meeting was deferred to another date, when all objectors would be able to speak.

Councillors will also now undertake a site visit to assess the site, off Bowthorn Road. It is currently used for agricultural purposes and lies in open countryside.

More than 20 residents have lodged written objections to the application.

Concerns include inadequate access to the site; the volume of traffic impacting on highway safety; and the development setting a precedent for other larger scale schemes.

There has been one letter of support for the proposal. As the application is only at outline stage, there are no detailed plans about the houses but the applicant does indicate the site can accommodate up to eight homes.

Copeland Council has been unable to process planning applications and land searches during the period since the attack.