Stately homes, castles... and Laser Quest. Cumbria's ghosts turn up in all kinds of places.

Laser Quest on Carlisle's Bush Brow in the city centre is built on the site of a former prison.

Torturous punishments are said to have happened there with bodies being buried on site.

Strange figures have been reported, including a man wearing black.

The building has been described as a hotbed of supernatural activity.

No surprise that it attracts people keen to prove, or disprove, the reports.

"We've had ghost hunts for the last five years," says Laser Quest manager Dougie Kerr.

"We're having one on Tuesday night - Halloween. A company from the north east does it. They take over the building when we close at 9pm. They'll be here until three in the morning. I'll be here because a member of staff has to be present.

"I've been in during previous years. They come with all this electronic equipment. There's needles going up and down and flashing lights.

"They're not all believers. Some are sceptics trying to disprove it."

Dougie describes himself as a sceptic, while claiming to have encountered mysterious activity over the years.

"There's always noises. You get kids coming out saying they saw someone when you know there was no one there.

"A lot of people say they've seen the hangman. I've been here since 1999. It's been going on since then, and long before that."

More traditional places to spot spooks include Carlisle Castle. The 'Lady in White' is said to be a Scotswoman walled up alive in medieval times. The swishing of her long white dress can apparently be heard on dark winter nights.

Muncaster Castle near Ravenglass is reputed to be one of the most haunted places in England.

Many tales involve Tom Fool, aka Thomas Skelton, the medieval court jester who supposedly directed travellers he took a dislike to into a lethal patch of quicksand.

Visitors to The Tapestry Room have reported disturbed nights, footsteps outside and the door handle opening when no one is there.

There are tales of the spirits of travellers haunting The Kirkstone Pass Inn - people who died while making the dangerous journey along the Kirkstone Pass between Windermere and Patterdale.

Ruth Ray was said to be travelling to Patterdale with her baby. She became trapped in snow and her frozen corpse was found by her husband. Her tightly wrapped child was still alive. Ruth is thought to haunt the inn.

Dalston Hall Hotel is another contender for the county's most haunted places. Lady Jane is apparently seen walking in the gallery above the main hall wearing Tudor-style dress.

There have been stories of barrels moving in the cellar and sightings of ghostly workmen handing tools to living workmen.