Combining Prosecco and football may not be a traditional mix, but the duo are helping encourage a new generation of sportswomen.

The Cumberland FA initiative had already launched in west Cumbria, but has now held its first Prosecco Football session in Carlisle.

It aims to get more women into the sport.

Fortnightly sessions will be held at the indoor facilities at the University of Cumbria's campus on Fusehill Street.

Sessions cost £2 and include a free glass of prosecco. They are free to students.

It is open to women aged 18 and over, with no upper age limit - and no experience required.

Among those at Friday's first session was Katrina Brennan, 23, from Carlisle.

"I just came down to have a bit of fun with friends," she said.

Orla Holligan, 28, and also from the city, said: "I decided to come along for some team sport.

"It's something different I suppose."

Their teammate Luisa Jefferson has always wanted to play football, but has never had the opportunity.

The 40-year-old from Kingstown explained: "I never played football when I was at school, I have always wanted to play.

"I don't like the gym, so it lets me exercise and have fun.

Jess Nelson, football development officer at the Cumberland FA, who is running the sessions said: "The aim is basically to get women who have never really kicked a ball before to come down.

"To give them an opportunity to have a kick-about, learn a bit about football, meet some friends, have a bit of a social and then enjoy a drink at the end."

It is just one of a range of initiatives being promoted by the Cumberland FA.

Jess explained: "For us it's very much about offering a menu of options when it comes to women and girls' football in particular.

"Having different opportunities for women who are regular footballers, women who have never kicked a ball in their life, or women who just fancy a bit of a social.

"They might be a mum their kid might play football.

"For them it's all about what are we doing to fit that menu - these sessions fit very well with offering something recreational, but offers structure in that there's a set time.

"The social element plays a massive part in what we're doing."

The sessions run from 6pm to 7pm on March 2, March 16, April 6, April 20 and May 4.