The founders of the Carlisle Undercroft, a community arts space underneath the railway station, were invited to watch the royal wedding from the Windsor Castle grounds.

Kimberley Watkin and Adam Hughes were part of a privileged group of guests who enjoyed yesterday's service from the castle's grounds as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot.

The day before, they appeared on American news channel ABC to talk about their invite and the contents of their picnic basket.

They also saw VIPs arrive at Windsor Castle, listened to a live broadcast of the service and watched the happy couple's carriage procession depart.

Kimberley said: "It was very, very good. We had an amazing time and it was a huge experience.

"We saw George Clooney, Idris Elba, James Corden and the Beckhams. I love Idris Elba so I was pleased to see him."

The couple had arrived at Windsor Castle early to grab a good place to have their picnic and watch the Royals and other wedding guests arrive.

Kimberley, 23, said: "I think we were up at 4.30am and we didn't get back home to Carlisle until 1.30am. But it was all worth it just to be there."

Kimberley and Adam were beside the door where the Queen was dropped off.

She said: "We didn't see Meghan go into the chapel but we did see her come out.

"I thought her dress was lovely. It was very simple and very her. It was only when they went round in the carriage that I saw it was a boat neck.

"We listened to the service outside but we couldn't see it so it was a bit different.

"The atmosphere was great and all the time you could hear prosecco corks popping.

"The weather was lovely and we got a bit sun burnt.

"If I was to some up the day in three words I'd say it was overwhelming, exciting and tiring. I've got a few days off now to recover."

The pair enjoyed a picnic of pork pies, houmous, cheese, blinis, grapes and strawberries in a picnic basket that was gifted to them.

Kimberley, who works for Virgin Trains in Carlisle, said: "We had sparking juice and prosecco as well but we never got to drink that. Adam's back was breaking from carrying the picnic basket but it looks nice and we can take it to the lakes now when we head out for the day."

When they appeared on ABC, Kimberley had her make up done next to former fashion model India Hicks.

She said: "India heard me talking about the Undercroft and did a video of me. Now I've got her email address. The whole thing was just brilliant."

The couple left a card for Harry and Meghan telling thanking them for the invite and telling them about their plans for the theatre and arts space underneath the station.

Kimberley said: "It would be wonderful if they could come and open it. I popped my business card in there so you never know."

The couple arrived home by train in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Kimberley and Adam are hoping that all the publicity they are getting will be good news for their campaign and encourage more people to donate to its Justgiving website page -

Another guest to witness the Windsor atmosphere of the Royal wedding was Marc Needham and his fiance Hannah Fisher, of Maryport.

They spent five days in the capital as Marc, who is the recently appointed chairman of Maryport Round Table and is heavily involved with the town's Sea Cadets, also received his Gold Duke of Edinburgh award from BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood.

He said: "It was fantastic to be at the wedding and it was a really amazing atmosphere.

"We had a front row spot for our picnic which consisted of about half of Marks and Spencer's food hall.

"We stayed in Waterloo. The crowd were great and when the Royals and Meghan and Harry came out of the chapel they went crazy. It was great."

Marc and Hannah will take inspiration from the wedding ahead of their own big day in 2020.