One of Cumbria's best-known chippies turns 90 this month and to celebrate, it is offering customers half-price meals for an entire day.

Dave and Dan Harding have owned the Angel Lane Chippie, in Angel Lane, Penrith, since December 2007.

The father and son team have won several awards since taking on the business and decided to stage the offer as a special thank you to regulars.

Dan said: "We thought we should mark the event and had best do something with a bit of a kick.

"We are expecting to be very busy and have ordered extra in and will be putting on more staff."

There will also be balloons and bunting and a fish and chip-shaped bithday cake.

The deeds for the property date back to 1817 and the records show that the building was a dwelling house and a bake house with associated premises.

The property has changed hands several times and people from all over the county have had interests in it, including a tinsmith and a fell monger - someone who deals in sheepskins, someone who separates the wool from the pelts.

According to the records the premises became a Fish and Chip Shop in June 1928, and Dave and Dan believe it is Penrith’s longest established Fish and Chip Shop.

The Hardings recently completed an extensive revamp of the interior including an extension to the dining area upstairs and are planning to host a series of pop-up restaurant evenings in the future.

Dan said: "It was a struggling business and in the time we have been here we have turned it around.

"There has been substantial refurbishment upstairs and once it is complete, we aim to hold a series of themed nights where guest chefs will come in and cook fish dishes."

The deal excludes pies and drinks and is for take-away food only and only two meals can be bought per person.

But Dan said there is 'no catch' to the half price deal which covers the whole of the menu and will run from 11.30am to 9pm on June 24.