A mountain rescue team was sent to the aid of a 17-year-old boy who'd fallen and injured himself in the Lake District.

The boy was part of a seven-strong scout group all completing their Duke of Edinburgh tests.

They were walking in the area of Angletarn Pikes, near Patterdale, yesterday when he was "blown over".

A Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team spokesman said: "He didn’t fall far but, given the reported injuries, we called for support from the Coastguard."

It is believed he suffered injuries to his hip was was airlifted to the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle.

The incident happened about 2pm.

Three other members of the scout group, who were all from the Midlands, had the early signs of hypothermia due to the cold conditions and were assisted by the mountain rescuers.

The team spokesman added: "The weather yesterday afternoon was down right grim.

"We went out early in the day to avoid the worst part of the forecast but were operating in really strong winds and hail storms, both of which made movement difficult. The weather was forecast.

"Please check a weather forecast, such as Mountain Weather Information Service, and make good decisions based on the information.

"If you’re carrying big rucksacks you’re likely to feel the impact of the wind. If the forecast says walking will be ‘arduous’ as it did yesterday, consider a lower level walk."

Due to another operation some of the team members were out for nine hours yesterday.