WHEN The Joiners Arms flooded back in 2005, it was four and a half months before Marion Jones could return to the place she calls home.

But following the December floods, Marion has been able to reopen the pub in Caldewgate, Carlisle, just two months after about 5ft of water poured in.

Yesterday, the pub opened its doors to loyal regulars once again to complete a remarkable turnaround. Nearly everything inside had to be replaced. Only the concrete plinth on which the bar stands is left from before Storm Desmond struck.

A plaque marking how high the water was has also been placed on the wall next to the door, sitting alongside a similar one from 2005.

“I never thought that I’d be in here this quickly,” Marion, who will celebrate being landlady for 20 years in August, told the News & Star . “Last time it took a lot longer, but I’ve got to thank Star Pubs and Bars who own the building for how quickly they worked.

“They had a team in here the following Wednesday to strip everything out. The following morning the water was just below the pool table but at its highest, it was submerged.”

Marion added that she had received a tremendous show of support while the pub was closed and is glad that people living in the Caldewgate area have their pub back.

“On Boxing Day they said they wanted to come in for a drink,” she said. “But I told them we didn’t have a pub. They went to Sainsbury’s next door and bought cans and bottles and came in. We used part of the old bar and barrels to prop it up. They sat on barrels and some of them even brought their own garden furniture. They said they didn’t want to go into town and would rather be here. We put a speaker on the table, sang, danced and had a laugh. It was absolutely brilliant.”

Kenny Clark, property manager for Star Pubs and Bars, said: “We’d always told Marion we hoped to be open by mid-to-late February and although I don’t think she believed us at first, here we are. We wanted to make sure it was back open as soon as possible – this is her livelihood.

“We offered to find temporary accommodation for Marion and [husband] Keith but Marion being Marion, she was determined to stay in the pub.”

Marion added: “It was cold but we didn’t want to go anywhere because of our six-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever, Blue. We’re absolutely delighted to be back.”