WE shared a picture of the fireworks display in Carlisle. Here's how readers reacted.

Helen Davies said: "Fantastic display and well choreographed with the music, well done everyone involved."

Lisa Johnston said: "An excellent show tonight, the town has been heaving all day with visitors, such a great boost for the city," while Sarah Hammond said: "Well done, what a great show. The history monologue at the start was very well done. Very informative for my Yorkshire husband, who thought it was brilliant."

Becka Freeman said: "We had a lovely evening," and Elaine Todhunter Barrass also said she enjoyed the display.

Emily Joan added: "Brilliant show and turn out."

Gayle Dockerty commented: "Absolutely ridiculous waste of money no respect for animals."

Chris Glaister said: "The fireworks cost about 75p per Carlisle resident, brought in people from surrounding areas, increased footfall and income at restaurants, bars etc., and brought in a lot of money for charity."

Steven Marriott added: "Great show really enjoyed it."

The Carlisle Fireshow kicked off in Bitts Park and promised to pack a firework and music show, bonfire, and festival village, into an evening of free entertainment.

The event, organised in conjunction with Merlin Fireworks, was the 34th Fireshow event held in Bitts Park and is the biggest event in the region, according to the council.

Organisers saw the biggest event ever of the Fireshow last year when 40,000 people turned up to watch the display.