We shared the news that preparations were underway for one of the city’s biggest entertainment events.

The Carlisle Fireshow kicked off in Bitts Park and promised to pack a firework and music show, bonfire, and festival village, into an evening of free entertainment.

The event, organised in conjunction with Merlin Fireworks, was the 34th Fireshow event held in Bitts Park and is the biggest event in the region, according to the council.

Here's how readers reacted.

Mike Fell said: "Time for us as a society to reject fireworks and stop buying them, they are terrible for animals and also given everyone is concerned about the environment a total disaster for the planet."

Alison Harvey added: "I feel so sorry for our cats and dogs. I'm not being a miserable person but I have had fireworks outside for the last three weeks. I don't mind on the 5th but honestly, it's getting ridiculous."

Gayle Dockerty also said the fireworks display was a 'waste of money'.

Sue Wooding added: "Time they thought about silent fireworks," and Rachel Sharp said: "I'm as excited for this as my kids, love fireworks."

Lisa Archibald said it was a 'waste of money'.

Mandy Mcleod said: "Dreading it have had to get medication for my dog. I'm sure they're getting louder every year. I can prepare for Bonfire Night but it's been going on for weeks now. Don't know where people get their money from letting them off so early."

Margaret Greer said: "Let’s hope there are no idiots throwing fireworks into the crowds like there was last year."