WE shared the news that as Bonfire Night approaches, many of us will be looking forward to enjoying a dazzling display, either at home or at an event.

However, it is important to remember the rules around fireworks, especially when falling on the wrong side of the law you could be fined up to £5,000.

In England and Wales it is against the law to set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am, however, there are certain exceptions to this under the Fireworks Regulations 2004, notably Bonfire Night being midnight and Diwali having a cut-off point of 1am.

Anyone who is the proud owner of pets will know this can be a distressing time of year for their four-legged friends.

Causing unnecessary stress to animals, even through fireworks, is technically a crime.

It can lead to a hefty fine and even possible jail time.

Here's how readers reacted to the regulations.

Hazel Hughes said: "They should be banned until the actual day," while David Kent said: "Firework problems would be solved if they stopped selling them to the general public."

Sheila Clague added people will continue to 'let fireworks off all night' regardless.

Josie Fulton said: "Well the police will be busy all weekend then," as Lesley Helme commented: "And this is enforced how? Thought so, it isn't, time to sell only to organised displays rather than letting any idiot buy explosives."

Jackie Matear also said: "I hate them."