Readers have been sharing their views on a piece of street art that has been voted the second-most popular piece in the world, according to a street art magazine.

The Tymon de Laat-designed painting of a girl from Laos, located on the side of the u-Student building on John Street, Carlisle was voted the second-most popular piece in the world in magazine Street Art Cities’ September edition.

Ben Heslop from Blank Wall Assassins, the organisation behind the art, said: "Street Art Cities tracks art pieces all over the world; they currently have more than 35,000 pieces in 900 cities around the world logged in their website.

"Every month they ask their readers to put forward pieces they like the look of and, from there, the top 25 are selected and then put to a public vote."

Here's what you, the readers, had to say.

Rachel Sharp said: "I walk past this painting all the time, it is beautiful."

Emily Howe said she also admired the new painting and didn't understand comments that criticised the piece for seemingly not being relevant to Cumbria.

She said: "I’m not sure why it would need to be relevant to Cumbria.

"It is a beautiful piece of artwork by an amazing artist and I can happily enjoy it for being exactly that! Yes Carlisle has history but so does everywhere else.

"[It] shouldn’t mean we can’t enjoy and appreciate different cultural art."

Jordan Stanger added: "As an artist myself that is amazing!

"I never saw it being there before maybe Carlisle should have more paintings around the city looking more vibrant."

Andrew Hughes shared his suggestion for who he would like to see painted on a wall in Carlisle next, saying: "Do a Jimmy Glass one."

Donna Jefferson said: "I think it’s beautiful [and] far better than looking at a brick wall."