READERS seemed happy to see the return of a show that saw Carlisle's historic buildings bathed in light.

The City of Lights, which ran from Thursday, October 14, to Saturday, October 16, saw crowds of people, young and old, turn out to see the sound and light installations projected on to Carlisle Cathedral and Carlisle Castle.

Tullie House Gardens, which formed part of the route that visitors took between the Cathedral and Castle, was also illuminated.

The first sequence that was projected on to the side of the Fratry building ­— a series of colourful patterns and images of masks and faces ­— was designed to enable people to contemplate their own personal journeys and reflect upon life on today’s planet that occurs in a single 24-hour period.

The second ­— projected on to the side of the keep at Carlisle Castle ­— was intended to be a celebration of the beauty of human life.

Here's what you, the readers had to say.

Peter Blakemore said: "My first night back in my home city for nearly 20 years and it choked me up to see it, Cathedral looked amazing."

Laura-May Baker said: "A lot of effort has gone into this. Great atmosphere."

Corinne Redman-Stewart said: "Fabulous event, so good to see so many people attending, too, bringing the city to life again."

George Downie said: "It looks very impressive and definitely worth a visit."

Leanne Fisher was also impressed with the show, adding: "It was wonderful."