NEWS & Star readers have been reacting to the news that controversial figure Dominic Cummings would be giving an interview to the BBC.

The interview itself aired last night at 7pm, and was announced by the broadcaster earlier this week.

In a short statement on Twitter, the BBC said: "In an exclusive @BBCNews special, @BBCLauraK interviews Dominic Cummings about his role in government during the pandemic, his relationship with the Prime Minister and his role in Brexit."

Mr Cummings got a mixed reaction on social media, including from News & Star followers on Facebook.

We asked readers whether they would be watching the Prime Minister's former closest advisor face questions from the BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg.

Susan Weaver said: "No, I will get blow by blow of the juicy bits on GMB the following morning."

David Alderson added: "No. No one like some that only moans after the event, if he hadn’t been sacked he would still be going along with whatever he is now disagreeing with."

Myra Lockie wrote; "He's behaving like a lover scorned," while Anthea Chart said: "What possible good can his whinging do. He can’t hold his tongue and I think he’ll find it difficult to be given another job in a position of trust.

"No matter where you work, if you hold a position of responsibility there are things you need to keep to yourself sometimes as no useful purpose will be served if you start stirring the pot. Discretion!"

Others make jokes referring to Mr Cummings' trip to Barnard Castle during lockdown, supposedly to test his eyesight.

Barry Coper said: "Was it filmed on location at Barnard Castle?" and Kelly Dawson added: "I will be watching from Barnard castle with me freshly tested eyes!"

Barry Williams added: "I thought everyone said he was a liar when he went to check his eye sight months ago? Bet everyone believes him now if he says what ya want to hear."