An acclaimed dance production that has been a hit at venues around the world will be coming to Carlisle this month.

Scottish Dance Theatre's new show Velvet Petal is coming to the Stanwix Theatre on Monday August 27 as part of the Carlisle Fringe Festival, following rave reviews from the show's performances in Glasgow, Mexico City and the Edinburgh Festival.

The company evokes the heady atmosphere of early 80s New York as audiences witness tough girls and pretty boys living life in the margins, dreaming about being at the centre.

The creator, Fleur Darkin, was inspired by Patti Smith's memoir called Just Kids, and the photography of Robert Mapplethorpe, as well as by the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly, and the transformative power of creating beauty out of whatever you can find on the bedroom floor.

The Velvet Petal dancers philosophise, seduce and experiment with their bodies, clothing and ideas.

Set to a fresh dance-punk score arranged by Torben Lars Sylvest, including music by LCD Soundsystem, Spoek Mathambo and Abul Mogard, this unique show will adapt and morph in content and length for each venue and festival on this tour.

Darkin says: “Velvet Petal is about change - how humans change by themselves or through relationships with others. It’s about those times in your life when you must transform yourself.

"I spent a lot of time researching the photographic process and the polaroids of Robert Mapplethorpe inspired me to see things in a new way. We think we understand at first glance but actually it’s when we spend time letting the object communicate with us that the magic happens.

"I think the revealing nature of time is particularly true of dancers. The dancers are the Velvet Petals and they open themselves towards the light and dig deep to pull us through the darkness.

"Ever since reading Patti Smith's memoir Just Kids, I was compelled to make a piece that captures the energy of constant change and transformation.

"I hope Velvet Petal will inspire audiences to reflect on their own metamorphoses as they are moved by the marvel of human growth.

"We are living in tough times and a lot of our depression comes from hearing the news. Velvet Petal is about listening to those private desires and connecting with our dreams.

"I want the audience to leave the theatre thinking anything is possible."

Velvet Petal is performed at Stanwix Theatre, in Carlisle, on Monday August 27, at 8pm. Tickets are available via the Carlisle Fringe website,